Denver real estate features
According to the National Association of Realtors Annual Profile of Buyer's Home Feature Preferences, buyers want:
  1. Central Air Conditioning
  2. Garage (2 or more spaces)
  3. Walk-in closet in master bedroom
  4. Backyard/play area
  5. Cable/Satellite TV-ready
  6. High-speed Internet Access
  7. Separate shower enclosure in master/main bath
  8. Patio
  9. Fencing
  10. Home less than 10 years old
What do home buyers in Denver want?
  1. Central Air Conditioning is a maybe, or rather that depends.  In the city and the suburbs air conditioning is a favorite feature.  However as one gets up into the higher elevations above Denver, air conditioning becomes less and less necessary.
  2. 2 Car Garage.  Once again, that depends.  Urban parking doesn't require or should I say "allow" most home owners to have a 2 car garage.  In urban areas designated street parking might be the ultimate cat's meow.  Of course travel a few miles to the 'burbs and the desire holds true. A 2 car garage is the minimum standard for most homes.  Of course when homes are priced over say $400k a 3 or 4 car garage is the minimum standard!
  3. Walk-in closet.  No argument here.  Inner city home owners would settle for a closet that is wide enough to fit modern day clothes hangers!  Suburban home owners wince at the thought of not having proper storage for all their worldly goods.
  4. Backyard/play area. Dream on homeowners.  Colorado has been "Californicated" the smaller the lot the bigger the smile on the developer/tax collector/water marshall. What we do well in Colorado are parks, open areas and recreation centers.
  5. Cable/Satellite TV-ready. no argument here.  Homeowners have a variety of choices from cable to satellite dishes.  To each his own delight!
  6. High-speed Internet access.  Actually this amenity is right up there with "air" when it comes to necessity.  Who can remember a world without it?
  7. Sparate shower enclosure in the master/main bath.  Around these parts we call that a "5-piece bath".  Count 'em; 1. toilet 2. double sinks 3. shower 4. tub.  = 5 pieces in the bathroom.  Most modern homes will have these features.
  8. Patio.  Absolutely!  Colorado sunshine is so delightful to soak up.  We all enjoy the big bar-b-que out on the patio or deck.
  9. Fencing.  Fido and kids need to have boundaries.
  10. Home less than 10 years old.  It's true selling a newer home is much easier than selling an older one.  However many of our charming older homes have been updated to retain the charm and still present a modern face.  Need I say they also sell quicker?
What else would you count as important in a home feature?

Personally, I like spacious, sunny rooms.  Most of my time in spent in only a few rooms, so for me the more spacious the better.  I can do without the areas of the home that are seldom used.  Give me space where I spend my time and do away with everything else!

How about you?

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