Owning a home comes with responsibility of taking care of it.  Home owners who perform regular maintenance to their home find when it comes time to sell their valued asset, it is much easier to find a buyer willing to purchase it!

When it comes to sticky doors, there is nothing more annoying than not being able to move from one room to the other without having a struggle.  There are many reasons why doors stick, most of which can be easily resolved with normal products a home owner has already in the house.

US Inspect has created an informative video on maintaining stuck doors.

How long have you lived with an annoying sticking door or a door that is difficult to operate? Sometimes the issue is structural but most often it is not. Torn weather stripping, loose hinges, moisture content, misaligned hardware are all potential reasons for sticking doors.

Do you have any lock graphite? Do you have any bar soap? How about a phillips screwdriver? If so, you may already have all you need to fix that difficult door.

This one-minute video talks about why doors can stick and what you can do about it.