Come Join the First Time Home Owners Club

Every once in awhile I find one of my clients has decided to purchase a home, but in the excitement forgets to sit down and tally an expense list. Everyone has different needs, but when it gets right down to the reality of homeownership there are necessary expenses one must consider.

Don't forget to budget for:

  • moving expenses
  • furnishing your new home
  • HOA ~ Home Owner Association Fees
  • Utilities ~ electric, gas, water and sewer (you can call Xcel to get the real scoop on an address)
  • Home maintenance tools ~ mop, broom, dustpan
  • Exterior maintenance tools ~ lawn mower, ladder (to clean the gutters) weed wacker, spade, snow shovel.

All these things all up, accounting for them early and setting aside funds in the budget will make joining the Home Ownership Club a pleasure instead of a pain!

I aim for helping buyers with sustainable ownership by encouraging proper planning and taking into account the buyer's personal goals. Owning real estate is a priviledge and another part of the American Dream. To learn more about the Home Buying Process, please visit my website.

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