Where Can I Park My Horse?

100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 52)

Except for a couple of special weeks in January, during the National Western Stock Show, you really can't park your parkyourhorsehorse in Denver. The Denver Police Department maintains a 16 acre site in southwest Denver for its mounted patrol horses, but there is no civilian horse parking allowed there. Although many people think of Denver as the Wild West, we pretty much left the horses and buffalo behind a 110+ years ago. (Actually Denver owns a Bison (Buffalo) herd, but that is another story.)

That is not to say that there are not plenty of horse parking places close to Denver. If you want your horse outside your back door, there are suburban and rural areas were horses abound. As close as 30 minutes from the capital building, you can own a home with the proper zoning and proper space to support a horse or even 2. Parts of Cherry Hills Village, and Greenwood Village, immediately south of Denver in Arapahoe County, have many properties for sale that are zoned for horses, with prices ranging from $1.2 million an up. A little further out, but still 45 minutes from Downtown, you can keep your horse on 2+ acres for as little as $500,000, and still be 10 minutes from schools and a major shopping center. Within an hour of central Denver in any direction, you can find horse property and open space.

If you want to park your horse a full service maintenance facility, there are plenty of those, such as Normandy Farm and Stables; Hampden Equestrian Center ; Columbine Equestrian Center , to name only 3. For the really big deal in horses, the privately owned Colorado Horse Park, located just south of Parker Colorado, is a spectacular facility, hosting over 30 events each year, and catering to just about everything horse.

So, there are many places to park your horse, or buy a horse, or learn to professionally ride your horse. After all, it is Colorado.

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