Have you ever wished the walls could speak?  If the walls could talk, wonder what tales they would tell?  I came across this now abandoned structure in the Cripple Creek area today.  It looks like some sort of a railroad car, turned into something else, maybe a restaurant?  Or could it be a home?

Every home has a history.  Once a home I lived in had a horse in it.  Yes, a horse in the house.  The neighbors enjoyed telling me how the previous owners had brought in their horse, it broke the stairs and they fixed it.  Now that is something I never would have imaged!  When I purchased it, the house was pretty nice.  Guess the previous owners were into being super nice to their four-legged friend.

Is there a moral to this story?  When wondering about a  neighborhood or a specific house, talk to the neighbors.  They will tell you.  Of course you may not like what you hear.