The long awaited IKEA store broke ground a few months ago.  Passing by each day, no  matter what day of the week it was I would notice a long line of trucks waiting to haul away the dirt.  Although I didn't confirm this, it appeared they were working on the site 24/7!

Well the hole is dug and now the structure is starting to take shape.

This is good news for IKEA fans in Colorado and neighboring states!  Now when one needs an IKEA fix a drive to Salt Lake City is in order. Considering that takes one day there and one day back, you really need a long weekend to do it up right!

Looking at the site, we are still wondering where the parking will be.  Maybe they are going to build a parking garage, because the lot just doesn't look big enough to me!  Does anyone know?  If so, I'd love to hear from you!

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