Yes, we have information.  It comes at us fast and furious everyday all day long. So much in fact we've put up a guard shield to protect ourselves. We deflect what we don't want to know or think we don't want to know. It's necessary to keep us sane.

The technological age delivers information at our finger tips whether we are at home or on the road.  Ask me a question and I can Google the answer faster then my Granddad could flip the pages on the old Encyclopedia Britannica!

A couple months ago my Grandson was born. He is a beautiful, big healthy boy who was born without fully formed right ear. He was born at 5:07 p.m. before  I went to bed that night I diagnosed his condition online. No, l'm not a doctor.  I did like most folks do now and researched and read.  I wasn't sure what I read was right, but I had a pretty good idea.

My Grandson wasn't able to get into see a specialist for many weeks, but when he did his parents were told what we already knew. The Doctor merely confirmed it.

The beauty of having the information available to us, relieved our fears of the ensuing weeks.  We patiently waited them out, knowing most likely we were right. We also researched future options for repair or replacement. The baby's parents also starting learning from existing support groups about other issues of concern, hiring a speech therapist and preparing for school.

All of this has been done online.  The information is amazing, comforting and valuable beyond words, yet still the final say is with the Doctor.

Doctors of today are probably getting pushed to their limits.  Years ago patients didn't have an online resource for education, they relied on word of month and old wives tales.  Modern day doctors are probably running pretty fast just to stay ahead of the patients!We are truly living in exponential times.Real estate consumers also have a wealth of online information available to them.  Home searches, statistics,  neighborhood demographics, 24/7 open houses all deliver real estate information with the intensity of a fire hose.  Many feel this information helps to understand real estate, but others find it only makes the whole process more difficult.Information does not guarantee understanding.Many times I find myself shuttering with fear when I see the way people search for homes.  Looking at homes online without knowing, seeing or smelling the neighborhood just isn't the same thing.  It's going to take a long time before Google Earth can replicate the real thing, if ever. There isn't a real estate mash-up that can consolidate the human senses of an actually showing of a property.

My job goes beyond delivering information.  I help put the millions of pieces together from present to future value, personal preferences, lifestyle options, budget and location, as a Realtor I have much more to offer than merely unlocking the door. It's really about counseling, preparing a strategy and helping to fulfill the goals of the client.  That's a lot of information, but it's information that will make or break your future.Are you willing to receive?Enjoy the video, it's about information and the fast pace of our society.