Here are some things to consider…

Prep yourself
for the financial side of the purchase. Most home builders offer huge
incentives to use their lenders.  These incentives may or may not be a
benefit to you, the only way you will know for sure is to talk to an
outside lender or two to compare the numbers.  The only way to compare
is by requesting a “good faith estimate” from each lender. 

Develop a strategy
– a game plan that works to your benefit is very important.  When
negotiating with a builder, you must be prepared to follow your plan
and not let emotions take over.  Get the prices for the home,
elevations and upgrades, go home to review them.  Add up what you need
and can afford. Make a plan and stick to it. 

Be on the same page
– Both you and your partner must agree to agree.  Don’t sit in front of
an on-site sales rep and show your weaknesses.  If you need to excuse
yourself from a negotiation, do so.   

Keep in mind
– The builder’s representative in the model home works for the builder,
not for you.  They do not have the ability to make decisions without

Enlist a REALTOR
– hiring a professional brings experience and control to the
transaction.  An experienced REALTOR will guide you through the
process, without costing you a dime.  In fact, you may find that your
REALTOR will save you time and money.  First find your REALTOR, you
will be glad you did.