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Jogging trail high above Highlands ranch on Highlands Ridge.Relocation and Whole Foods

Times have changed and so have the focus of people moving to Colorado.  It wasn't long ago that people were most concerned about the school district, a clean safe neighborhood and how long the commute to work would be.

Now many people don't have to leave home to go to work, or when they do their commute is to DIA (Denver International Airport).  The age of computers has changed our world in so many ways!

The trend now when looking for a home is to live in a neighborhood that supports:

  • a good walk score
  • recreational amenities
  • close to a Whole Foods or other brand of organic grocery store.

It was a few years ago that I discovered the supreme popularity of the Whole Foods.  I listed a home for sale in SE Denver just off of Hampden. At the time that Whole Foods store was under-construction but scheduled to open shortly.  I happened to mention this in my marketing materials.  Well it really hit home for so many buyers, because they all wanted to me close to Whole Foods!

Now I make it my business to know where the Whole Food stores are located.  In fact I've recently created a Google Map to illustrate the locations of not only Whole Foods, but the new contenders to the natural foods scene, Sunflower Markets and Sprouts!  Reviewing the map (see below) one can see a natural food store is generally in reach anywhere in Metro Denver.

So if you are moving to Denver, you now have a consolidated source for these healthy grocery stores.  Please keep in mind there are many choices for traditional grocery stores as well.  Seldom if ever will you be more than 10 minutes from a top notch grocer.

View Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts in a larger map
Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts in a larger map

Recreational Trails Abound

Denver is known for attracting healthy outdoors type people. It's easy to see why considering our majestic natural beauty found in every direction.  Over the past couple decades the county and state governments have worked hard to deliver a wonderful recreational trail network.  Even in the City and County of Denver one will find excellent trails meandering along the rivers and former railroad beds.  In the suburbs; i.e. Douglas County land is set aside for perpetuity so we and our grandkids can enjoy the pleasures of open space.


The buzz on Walkscore occurred when the population discovered it was more fun not to commute and living in the city was cool. The walkscore is a formula created by considering the location of amenities that people find important.  The closer to these amenities like restaurants, shopping, grocery, etc the higher the Walkscore because obviously people can walk there.