Refrigerators are typically an expense we would rather not make.  This video provides several maintenance steps to help keep your refrigerator running a peak efficiency. Refrigerator maintenance is undoubtedly one of the most overlooked tasks in the home.

While mainly maintenance free, it is important to schedule refrigerator maintenance at least twice a year.

Check the selas for leakage and repair when necessary.  It's possible you may need an appliance specialist to find the correct parts and install properly.

If you have pets, you might want to inspect the refrigerator more frequently.  Hair and debris buildup under your refrigerator is very common and makes your refrigerator work much harder than it should.  It is also a fire hazard when allowed to buildup to an excess. Vacuuming the coils is the safe and prudent thing to do and should be on your list of kitchen maintenance tasks. The benefits are saving energy thereby saving dollars, and keeping your family happy!

Simple Refrigerator Maintenance video provided byU.S. Inspect.