Often times relocation buyers are also sellers in another state.
Overwhelmed by the prospect of moving from one home to the next, they
make a plan to rent instead of buy. At first this may seem like the
best solution, but in reality this only adds one more move to the mix.

The way to make a door to door move is to plan ahead.  Once
your home goes "under contract" you should be prepared to hop on a
plane to Denver, spend a few days to find your replacement home.  Once
you find the home, the contract dates can be blended with the dates
back home, so you can move from the old place to the new without  a

Details are more readily worked out when you request on
the origination end to have a "replacement home time" schedule built
into the contract.  Typically this can be about 10 days, enough time
for you to find a home in Denver, negotiate and complete inspections. 

Planning a move in advance is not as difficult when you co-ordinate it up front.

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