Metro Denver 2010 Economic Forecast

Denver continues to maintain solid fundamentals and appears to be on the road to exceed this year.  According to Chief Economist Patty Silverstein the following points contribute to this opinion:

  • Denver ranks 1st among the nation's most desirable places to live, according to a 2008 by the Pew Research Center
  • A 2009 poll by Harris  Interactive showed Denver tied for second place with San Francisco on a list of the nation's favorite places to live
  • Forbes called Metro Denver one of  "10 Best Cites for a Housing Recovery" and the nation's best metropolitan area in which to buy a home
  • Real Estate correspondents with NBC's "Today" show named Denver the U.S. city most ready for a housing rebound
  • Builder magazine named Denver among five housing markets likely to recover quickly

As I continue to explain to my relocation buyers, Denver is positioned well because we didn't have the CRAZY inflation of housing prices as in Las Vegas, California and Arizona.  Now when they are falling, we are maintaining values.

Look around, do the research you will certainly discover it's not to hard to find good solid data that Denver is going to be OK.

We don't need economists to tell us this is a very good place to live! (But we're glad they agree!)