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100 Real Estate & Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 4)

The megalopolis called Denver often spans territory far beyond the actual boundaries of the City and County of Denver.  In fact, metro Denver covers at least 9 counties and is growing.

When relocating to the area, most begin with a search for "Denver Real Estate" knowing all the while they probably won't end up in Denver, but in some close in city, neighborhood or 'burb.

When researching the areas, it is important to know what county you are in.  Each Colorado County has it's own tax base, Assessor, County Commissioners, Clerk & Recorder, Sheriff and Treasurer.

This map will give a good overview of the county's relative position to Denver.

Have a Question on Land Use, Taxes, Zoning?

Call the county where you live or plan to locate.  The county usually has the answer to your question, or can direct you to where you can find the answer.

Emergency Alerts

Some counties are utilizing technology to alert citizens to emergency notices , updates on general news and events via email.  Counties also offer alerts for registered sex offenders living in the area.

Colorado County Websites are Great Resources

County websites are full of valuable information.  I'm finding they get better and better each year.  Be sure to check out a few different counties to see what I mean.  Enjoy Surfing the County Websites!

Links to Metro Denver County Websites

Adams County City and County of Denver
Arapahoe County Douglas County
Boulder County Gilpin County
Broomfield City and County Jefferson County
Clear Creek County Park County

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