Denver School Bell DomeI'm neglecting this blog, due to a lack of time.  End of summer times are very busy with sales, projects and a little bit of travel.  My new project has a time line attached and it will be something to benefit the blog.  I promise it will be worth the wait!

I snapped this photo last night as I was intriged by the contrast of the colors against the beautiful blue sky.  This is the bell dome of an old school building in located in the Golden Triangle of Denver.  It's just south of the annex to the history museum.

The school has been in the process of renovation for what seems an eternity.  They built and are currently repairing the big fancy museum, but this little old school lying in the shadow of the famous museum just pokes along.

This might be a tad snarky to say, but I suspect the brick school house will be standing long after the museum next door is forgotten.

There's something about brick...