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The real estate market is picking up in Metro Denver.  Statistics show 6 months of improvement in values.  Considering the very low interest rates it's no wonder!  Buyers are discovering the benefits of home ownership far outweigh the alternative.  Renting is becoming more expensive than buying!

Sellers who have been waiting on the sidelines, are now interested in putting their homes on the market for sale.  Sellers who are interested in having a smooth transaction will be interested in knowing the mistakes to avoid.

Mistakes Home Owners Make When Selling Their Home

  1. Not Choosing an Expert - Anyone can claim to be an expert, but when it comes right down to it, the proof is in the presentation.  An expert in selling your home will come prepared with knowledge about home sales in the neighborhood, average  days on market, list to sale ratio and information about the home selling process.  Don't be fooled into thinking your home is being handled by an expert when the "expert" being interviewed cannot justify the price of your home based on established facts.
  2. Getting emotionally attached - When the time to sell a home comes, it is also time to detach from the home.  Emotional attachment is natural to have, but it can also get in the way of negotiations.  The buyer someday will have a similar attachment, but now the house is just a house to them.
  3. Holding your own open house - Home owners often feel they can hold their home open since no one knows it better than them.  Problem is they tend to share too much with the prospects resulting in "giving away the farm" so to speak when it comes time to negotiate.  Also casual lookers tend to prefer to keep their distance while the seller is trying to be a salesperson.  Seldom does doing your own open house work.
  4. Odors - the saying goes "if you can smell it, you can't sell it."  How true this is.  Cigarette smoke, cooking odors, incense and pets are the top offenders.  If a seller wants to get a home sold, odors of this sort need to be avoided.

Inspiration for this post comes from the Real Estate News Network.

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