Treorippled So I tell a few folks I just built a Mobile Blog. Instead of kwell kudos, I get a blank stare.

The third person (my husband) looks at me in earnest and says "What is a mobile blog?"

Oh so that's the problem, communication gap...

A mobile blog means I can post to my bloglog from my phone.  However since I communicate with photos, I decided to make my mobile blog a mostly photo blog.

They say a photo is worth a 1000 words...oh my can I save a lot of keyboarding!

Here's how it works, as I go through my day I will share my actual views by clicking a shot with my TREO.  The photo is then attached to an email and sent to my new blog.  Within minutes the photo is posted along with a word or two, depending on my mood.

OK so it really isn't rocket science, it's more about sharing and thinking about life and how lucky I am to know what the heck I am talking about even if others don't.

Check out the new MOBILE BLOG at

The AT is short for Around Town.