100 Real Estate & Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 82)

Because of the generally dry humidity in the Denver area, mold has never been a particularly difficult problem for most homeowners in the area. Having said that, mold can and does grow anywhere. Uncontrolled moisture inside a house, from flooding, roof leaks, unnoticed plumbing issues and other untreated water issues can create the conditions necessary for mold. Of particular concern are homes that have not been in recent use due to foreclosure. Buyers of such homes should pay particular attention during physical inspections.

There are two other situations where mold can be an issue in the area. The first is with the use of EFIS, or artificial stucco, as an exterior siding application. This product is notorious for allowing moisture to seep between the siding and interior walls. Mold can then grow in the organic material of the wood product used to build the walls and floors. In homes constructed of such material, the only way to be certain of the absence of mold is to perform expensive testing.

The other major mold producing opportunity can occur in homes built with structural basement floor. Such basement construction has become common in recent years as a way to combat the cracking and displacement that can occur in concrete floors laid in expansive clay soils. This type of construction involves an a deeper basement excavation, with a sub-floor crawl space of 2 or 3 feet in depth below a floor supported by joists. Moisture occurring from overwatering or extraordinary rain events can incite mold to grow from organic construction materials left behind by the home builder, or from organic items stored improperly in the crawl space.

It is very important for a prospective homebuyer to have inspections of the property conducted by an experienced and well trained inspector.

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