Denver, Colorado loves dogs!

100 real estate tips in 100 days (Day19)

Dogs are very popular in Denver, in fact dogs are popular in the entire state.  It seems most everyone has a dog.  A walk in the park will prove not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but every breed under the sun!

A Google search for Denver Dog Parks returns 7 off-leash dog parks:

  1. Berkeley Dog Park - Sheridan and West 46th
  2. Barnum Dog park - Hooker and West 5th
  3. Denver Municipal Animal Shelter Dog Park - 678 South Jason Street
  4. Kennedy Dog Park - Hampden and South Dayton
  5. Fuller Dog Park - Franklin and East 29th
  6. Green Valley Ranch East Dog park - Jebel and East 45th
  7. Stapleton - East 24th Avenue & Syracuse Street

Bark Parks can also be found throughout the Metro area.  According to there are 42 Dog Parks along the Front Range.

When it comes to relocating to Colorado, by all means bring Fido.  He will thank you for the move and will probably be happy to guard the car while you stop off at the book store for a cuppa...


Photo: This doggie is parked, but not in a park.

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