Names are important they help us identify in life.  Naming a baby becomes a monumental task to many parents, much so they spend hours researching and discussing the most appropriate label for their progeny.  This process is sometimes made easier by reclaiming names of one's ancestors.  If that doesn't work, there is always the Internet.   On the Internet parents and grandparents alike can research an endless selection of names and their ranking in popularity by state!

Another fascinating naming conundrum would be the naming of streets. When it comes to naming streets, typically the developer gets to do that.  Unfortunately, for them there is no easy reference on the Internet.  They either get to make the name up, or take it from an existing name.  To save time they pick a name say Desperado and tag it as a Drive, Court, Road, Way, Circle, Trail, Street or Avenue.  This may save the Developer time and effort but it certainly makes a Realtor's work much harder.  If one is not careful when looking for 89094 Desperado Way and gets on Desperado Circle, it could prove embarrassing for all parties!

Some street names are less than wonderful.  I often wonder why the name was chosen.  For example Black Widow Way, Buckwheat Run, Rattlesnake Circle or Dead Man Gulch Road.  Would you clamor to live on these streets?  Imagine being asking, "What is your address?" Well, I live on Crazy Horse Trail."

Letting my imagination wander, I've played with an idea.  Since I am a Realtor, what would happen if I, like the parents of a newborn, would be met with the challenge of having to place my clients on a street that matched their personalities.  In example, a religious family would need to live on Bible's Hill Drive.  Or a couple that just split up would need two homes, one on Bitterbrush Lane and the other on Bitter Sweet Drive.  An eternal optimist  could choose to live on Bird Song Drive or Satisfaction Circle.  Kinky folks would probably opt for Buggy Whip Road.  Those folks tired of "honey do" lists would certainly welcome an address on Tall Grass Way.  A narcissist would work well on Adonis Court don't you think?

When choosing the perfect address, I personally would not want to live somewhere I could not spell.  Even if I learned to spell my street, I would still be committed to spelling hell, because no one could spell it either.  Apishamore Court, Rhyolite Way, Potentilla Place, Pale Anemone Street or Oehlmann Park Road come to mind.

In the Denver metro area, I discovered there is a political imbalance.  We have a Democrat Road, but  nowhere near is there a Republican Street, Road, Drive, Circle, Way or anything.  I wonder why the Republicans haven't demanded equal time!

My favorite street name of all time is Jack Ass Hill Road.  If Realtors really had to match clients to the street, I fear there would be a Seller's Market on Jack Ass Hill, don't you?

(Note: all the street names above are actual names in the Denver Metro Area!)