The National Western Stock Show has called Denver  its home for 103 years!  Each year for a couple weeks the show attracts participants from all over the country. The Show offers a variety of ticketed events such as: National Western Draft Horse & Mule Show, An Evening of Dancing Horses,Freestyle Reining, Gambler's Choice Jumping, Grand Prix, Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza,Martin Luther King. Jr. African-American Heritage Rodeo, PBR Pro Bull Riding, ProRodeo, SuperDogs and Wild West Show.

Purchase of a ticketed event includes free grounds admission.  Touring the grounds alone is worth the trip.  Coors Western Art Exhibit offers an art show.  There's several activities for the children; Children's Ranchland, eed the Animals, Pony Trails, Poultry and Rabbit Display.

Most of us city and 'burb dwellers ever have the opportunity to get up close and personal with ranch animals.  I was amazed at their amazing beauty. Walking through the barn I was able to pet the immaculately groomed black Angus cows. Their coats glistened like velvet as they patiently waited for show time.

The PBR Really Rocked!

Our group attended the Pro Bull Riders Denver Chute-Out Finals at the Coliseum. It was a fun experience and not an ordinary night in the barn! The show included pyrotechnics where the PBR Brand was blazoned in the dirt as the bull riding cowboys made their grand entrance into the arena. Talk about impressive, these guys make 8 seconds on the back of an angry bull look like falling off a tricycle.

The teamwork and respect the entire staff have for each other is remarkable.  They work together, being constantly on their toes to protect the rider and each other when the bull enters the arena.  Some bulls really like to have the last word and refuse to leave.  Watching the action was very exciting at times.

The Stock Show is in town until January 25, I encourage everyone to take some time to visit. Enjoy a show or just walk around and get close to the people who bring us food.  They are afterall, the backbone of America.

I just love those cowboys!

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