Getting Your Offer Accepted! - Write an Offer with NO Contingencies (Part 4 in a Series)

Denver Real estate contracts are written daily with contingencies as part of the sale. A example of a contingency would be when the buyer has to sell a house and asks the seller to accept his offer as long as his house closes by a certain date.

Normally a seller will be happy to take the risk if the buyer's home is currently under-contract. There are some risks that have improved odds depending upon how far along the buyer's contact has progressed. For example if their buyers have finished the inspection and the appraisal is completed is, less of a risk than if the home just went under-contract and the process is just beginning.

When you are a buyer competing with other buyers for a home in a hot market, including a contingency in the offer increases your odds of not being the One Winner.

Combat Rules for Homebuyers

Contingencies are Stop Signs to the Seller!

Contingencies mean the deal could fall, so the seller might overlook your offer for an offer without a contingency.

What if you have no choice?

This series is really about developing a strategy to get your offer accepted. Very few buyers will be able to meet each and every suggestion as I suggest. The strategy is to know what you can and can't do and construct an offer that will compensate for what you can't do with something that you can do!

It's basic negotiation.

If you have a house to sell, sell it. Get the process started and as far along as possible before you write a contingent offer. Then when you do, provide proof, evidence that you have a good deal on your home. This will ease the seller's mind and show your good intent to follow through on the purchase of his/her home.

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