Getting Your Offer Accepted! - Write an Offer Without asking for Additional Personal Property (Part 6 in a Series)


7217293_sFor many months now we have been telling our buyers about the shortage in inventory in price points below $300,000. The lower the price point, the hotter the competition. Home buyers in these price points are finding they aren't the only ones interested in the same home.

When this occurs the buyer with the best contract for the seller usually becomes the Winning One.

This series of Getting Your Offer Accepted is written in hopes of helping buyers prepare a strategy using these Tricks of the Trade. Home sellers look at many factors in the offer, the price is only one consideration.

If you had to boil down the contents of an offer based on the things buyers and sellers "fight over." Those things would be:

Personal property if included is offered in the MLS listing. Personal property are those things that can be picked up and carried out of the house, washer, dryer, window coverings, refrigerators, range/oven. Sometimes personal property can be a fancy antique Crystal Chandelier that has been handed down over the generations from Grandma. While it may look wonderful in the home, there is absolutely no way the seller is going to leave that behind! Fighting over something with sentimental value like that is pointless. The buyer will lose.

Instead of picking fights you are going to lose, focus on the points that really matter. Do you want to buy a home or spend weeks, months looking and losing houses?

Don't ask for things that aren't included, if you do and the other offer doesn't, you will lose.

Pick Your Fight, The Winning One Gets to Move In!

Your fight is really in outbidding the competition. You want to look good in the seller's eyes, so you win the bid.

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