Where to Park your Money When Relocating to Denver

100 Real Estate & Relocation Tips in 100 Days (Day 63)

With today's electronic banking systems, many people leave their money where they came from.relocatemoneysuitecase

Other folk like to establish a banking relationship close to their new home. Of course, there are also credit unions, many of which are national in scope, that serve many government and corporate employees, and remain a viable banking alternative for many of us.

If you would like to establish a local bank account, there are plenty of banks to choose from. Wells Fargo is the largest bank in Colorado as measured by deposits, but this huge national bank is really based in California. Other nationally recognized banks include U.S. Bank, J.P Morgan Chase, and UMB Bank. The superregional banks are represented by Bank of the West, Vectra Bank, and TCF Bank.

Of course there are many local banks, the largest of which is First Bank, with others being Citywide Banks, American National Bank, and Colorado Bank and Trust.
The largest local credit unions are Bellco, Westerra, and Elevations Credit Union.

Of course, there are many more banks and credit unions, too many to list here. For an unbiased list, the Denver Business Journal publishes results of their annual business study, including banks, in The Book of Lists. The Colorado Bankers Association may be a resource, but they are biased toward banks. For most routine commercial banking needs, selecting one of the larger banks may be just fine. For more specialized needs, such as trust services, you may wish to check with the Colorado Bankers Association.

Since branch banking become the norm in Colorado in the late 1990's, you do not have to travel far to locate a bank, including many super markets.

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