Pick the Park!

100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 15)

Choosing a home and a neighborhood is much simpler when the neighborhood has special amenities.  Proximity to a park, a serene lake, a convenient bike/hike trail is always a very strong plus that most wise buyers will factor into the purchase equation.

As a REALTOR® I make it a point to accentuate these features, even when I know for a fact the buyer isn't interested.  Looking at a purchase requires more thought than just looking at today. We must consider an EXIT plan, so we also consider the amenities that others will find appealing when the time comes to resell your home.

The good news for buyers to Denver, we have parks. We have so many parks in fact that one mayor called Denver, "a City in a Park." Residents of Denver find a lot of joy in visiting the park. There seems to be an activity for every type of interest.

So my helpful hint of the day, when looking into purchasing Denver real estate, be sure to consider the surroundings. You will enjoy them while you live in the neighborhood and be delighted when you resell your home to someone  who looks forward to doing the same.

By all means, pick a home by the park!