Homeowners dread the day when it comes time to replace their roof.  It's an expensive repair not to mention messy!  There are ways to care for the roof by observing it from the ground.  Annual inspections can help extend the life of your roof at a cost far less than a full replacement.

Basic roof maintenance doesn't necessarily have to involve getting on the roof. In fact, we always recommend you leave that to the professionals.  There are simple tasks, a homeowner can perform by viewing the roof from the ground. Looking for overhanging limbs, debris in gutters, mission shingles, damaged bent or wall flashing, stains on interior ceilings are all signs that maintenance may be overdue.

It is NOT recommended, but just in case you think you may want to try walking on your own roof, make sure you have visually inspected the underside from the interior of your attic for deteriorated sheathing. Only use a ladder you know and trust and do not walk on roofs greater than 7/12. Never walk on wet roofs, moss covered wood shingle, tile, slate or wood shake.  If you have one of the masonite hardboard, woodruff, or ominboard type shingles, do not attempt to mount.  These roofs are deceiving and quickly become very slick and unsafe while attempting to negotiate.

Preventing Roof Leaksvideo provided byU.S. Inspect.