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With the understandable attention given to Colorado’s 4 National Parks (Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison), and a plethora of National Monuments, Historic Sites, and 11 National Forests, it is easy to overlook Colorado’s fabulous State Park System. There are 42 State Parks, 8 of them within an hour’s drive of Metropolitan Denver. A 12 month vehicle pass costs only $60.00, truly a bargain for the family looking for close to the city fun. Starting from due north and working toward the east, we have:

St. Vrain State Park, located just north of Denver, this park is popular for birding, hiking, and human powered boating.

Barr Lake State Park. This popular park located just outside of the Adams County Seat of Brighton, boasts a nature center, large lake, wildlife, and an extensive train system.

Cherry Creek State Park. This very popular State Park, located in the southeast metro area, has many kinds of activities, such as horseback riding, cycling, swimming, and of course sail and power boating.

Castlewood Canyon State Park, located just south of Parker, this natural canyon cut by Cherry Creek, is the site of the ill-fated Castlewood Dam, which burst in 1993, flooding Denver. The Visitor Center plays a movie of the dam’s history, and many trails are popular with local hikers.

Roxborough State Park, located southwest of the city, just beyond Arrowhead Golf Course, Roxborough contains some of the state’s most spectacular scenery. Red rock formations on a par with The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs are truly breathtaking. Camping is not permitted, but numerous trails crisscross the park, providing the photographer with ample opportunity.

Chatfield State Park. Chatfield Dam, constructed after the devastating 1965 flooding of the Platte River, is now the site for another edge of the city park, offering boating, camping, cycling, and many other activities, including the a launch site for hot air balloons.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, just west and north of Golden, Colorado, offers 12,000 acres of forested mountain terrain. Numerous group facilities allow for gatherings of all sizes, plus camping, hiking, and horseback riding, all just 30 miles from Denver, make this one of the jewels of the state park system.

Eldorado Canyon State Park, can be found just south of Boulder, Colorado. This park features slabs of sheer vertical sandstone, popular with rock climbers.

There are 34 other state parks, featuring boating, camping, wildlife habitats, and all manner of activities suited for that particular park. For a complete list and information about all of Colorado’s wonderful state parks.