Another day another closing, but this one really warms my heart.  Let me tell you about it...KentsPlace-33

Colorado mountain property is always unique if not downright interesting.  I say that because one never knows what to expect.  Like the settlers that tamed the country a century ago, the folks that occupy the mountains now aren't too far removed.  They enjoy and revel in their uniqueness, of course that shows.

The client I worked with this past month is no exception.  We looked at many homes, exploring every niche and cranny of Conifer, Morrison and Evergreen until the day we drove past The One Special House that caught his fancy.  Yes, it was priced significantly over what he wanted to pay, but everything else was right, oh so right.

He bite the bullet and bought it.

Our inspection went well.  We got to meet the Mrs. Owner who explained all about the neighbors. She loved them. Actually she loved them to tears, because when she spoke about them, she choked up dreading the day she would have to leave this house.

Her neighbors were so friendly, of course she was telling us about the four-legged kind that come to visit her regularly.  The cute little chipmunks ran about the lot playing and doing what chipmunks do, the deer and elk  who stand  majestically within view while surveying their domain.  Best of all were the cute little foxes, who actually had names, Boots and Baby Boots plus others.

Oh my!  I felt like I stepped onto the set of a Disney movie.  All that was missing were the talking blue birds.

The night we did the final walk through upon opening the refrigerator we found several well labeled packages of hot dogs.BootsAndCompany

It was then the reality hit us. Not only did the range/oven, dishwasher and drapes convey with the home, but so did Boots and Company!

Within a few minutes the neighbors were clicking on the deck door, we looked to see a timid little red fox looking in from the darkness at us!

It must be dinner time!

Hearing the call of hunger, Ms. Buyer quickly runs to the frig, grabbing the first package of Franks.  Of course we knew Boots only eats Smoked Franks, but the problem was how do we know who Boots is?Boots

Guess we will find out by process of elimination!

The following minutes were a mixture of delight and danger.  The eager foxes dined on franks all the while watching our every move.  They expressed a desire to eat, and would light-footedly approach us, but if we moved they were off like a flash.

Of course the temptation of food brought them back and the dining ritual began again.

For us it was an interlude with nature to be cherished and enjoyed.  A welcome to the neighborhood from the wildlife committee!  Who wouldn't appreciate that?

Of course I must say, we know feeding wildlife is wrong.  It's not good for the animals and they are after all wild.  So as the new owner settles into the house the foxes will get weaned from the wieners.  He knows it's the right thing to do.

In the meantime I will fondly remember the experience.  The buyers are delighted, we found The Dream Home in the mountains. Seeing another dream come true is a fulfilling experience.

My face is smiling.DenverViewFromMtns

The view from the deck, that's Denver!