This week  Denver Dwellings welcomes a good friend and fellow photographer from Clearwater Florida, Cyndee Haydon.  I "met" Cyndee online years ago when she began blogging. Her passion for her business was clearly expressed in her blogging.  Due to her love for her area she has attracted many people to her part of the world.  My husband and I visited a few years ago and fell in love with Clearwater and the nice sandy beaches.  If you have a goal to own a beach condo, I would suggest you subscribe to Cyndee's blog.  She will keep you up-to-date on the Clearwater real estate market and probably tempt you into purchasing a home there!  I know she tempted me!

Denver Relocation Expert Helps Camera Relocate to Clearwater FL

If my camera could talk, oh the sights it has seen and stories it could tell. You see my camera actually relocated from Denver Colorado to Clearwater Florida with the help of a Denver Relocation specialist, none other than your own Kristal Kraft. You see I met Kristal about five years ago when I began my Clearwater Beach real estate blog .

As you know, Kristal is not only knowledgable about Denver Real Estate and relocation, she's also an accomplished photographer. I have always admired her pictures and along the way she's been generous enough to share many tips on how to capture great pictures of everything from beautiful sunsets to neighborhood shots to creating the perfect MLS photo to showcase a home at it's best.

Well in 2007 I had your typical digital camera. You know the kind that fits easily in your pocket or purse. It was always with me and being convenient I tended to snap lots of local pictures when I was out and about.  That was a good thing because as they say, "done is better than perfect".  However I soon realized I wanted to be able take better pictures after seeing a variety of quality work by fellow Realtors like Kristal Kraft and Teresa Boardman. The photo bug had bit me and I knew I wanted to take my pictures to the next level which meant I needed a better camera... and that's where Kristal came in.

Then opportunity knocked around Christmas a few years ago because I heard Kristal was looking to upgrade her camera to a newer model. Well you guessed it, I  jumped at the chance to buy her "old one", a Canon Rebel XT with an 18-55mm lens and that was the start of a new and on-going love of photography. I am still enjoying it and learning more everyday.

When it comes to taking pictures of our Clearwater beach condos for sale there's no comparison to the old pictures and pictures we take now using a wide angle lens.

It's really a shame that it's not mandatory for Realtors to have to take pictures of your home with a wide angle lens because with over 90% of home buyers starting their home search online, pictures today are often like yesterday's open houses and first showings of the past as people view them and decide which properties to will take a secondo look at by actually arranging to see them in person.

So it makes sense that if the pictures of your home stink it's definitely going to handicap you ability to get your home sold. While many of my pictures are of Clearwater beach real estate, my favorite pictures are of the majestic Clearwater Florida  sunsets - and than's to Kristal my pictures are definitely better now that they're taken with the special Denver camera that relocated to Clearwater Florida.