Relocating to Denver?

Denver is nick named The Mile High City for a reason, it is 5280 feet above sea level. The 'burbs are even higher in altitude. Many people who fly into to the city find they don't physically feel very good for a day or two. Headaches and fatigue are usually the worse symptoms. This is not uncommon and with some preparation, can be avoided completely.

Prevention is the key!

Altitude illness is usually preventable if ascent to altitude is slow. Symptoms can range anywhere from annoyance to life threatening. Unlike many thing, being in excellent physical condition has no bearing on one's ability to acclimate to altitude.

* Relax, take it easy! Don't overdo it the first day or two. That could ruin the rest of your week. Stop early when you start to feel fatigue or any prolonged breathlessness. Just relax and don't rush it.
* Drink Lots of Fluids...especially water!
* Avoid Alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills for the first two nights if possible. All of these things slow your body's adjustment to higher elevations. This is critical if you exhibit any of the symptoms.
* Take Medication that's available to prevent altitude illness, its symptoms and to speed acclimation. There is prescription medication which helps prevent and treat symptoms associated with altitude illness and speeds up elevation acclimation.

The Reality is...most people fly into Denver and expect to spend the rest of the day looking at houses. While that may be a good plan for getting more done in a short amount of time, it doesn't always work. The first day house shopping is stressful enough on its own. The best plan here is to take it slow so you don't end up with a stress headache that takes you out for another day. Save the big day for Day 2 when you have had time to acclimate.

Taking this advice will assure you are relaxed and ready to make good decisions in your home purchase.

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