Trends revealed by potential new home buyers include:

* One in four home buyers rates proximity to work as a very important factor in their home-buying decision and would take a smaller lot for a shorter commute.

*Nearly two-thirds of home buyers are seeking less outdoor maintenance on their homes. As a result, more buyers are focusing on attached housing like condominiums or town homes. Thirty-two percent of new-home sales were of attached homes.

*Square footage of a home is very important to buyers between ages 25-44, with 63 percent looking for bigger homes. For buyers younger than 25 and older 44, emphasis on square footage declines dramatically.

* A majority of buyers in each age group would sacrifice some square footage for upgraded amenities.

* Nearly 75 percent of buyers would opt for a smaller home with a basement rather than a bigger home without a basement.

* Nearly two-thirds of buyers would prefer a great room over a formal living room. That preference increases with buyers older than 65.

* Three-quarters of buyers are willing to spend an extra $2,000 on their home in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.

* Nearly two-thirds of buyers are willing to spend an extra $2,000 to live in a home built with materials that will reduce allergic reactions or other health problems.

*One-third of buyers are willing to spend an extra $2,000 to live in a home built with some recycled materials.

Source Genesis Group researchers surveying a sample group of 2,000.