What is the ROI on Relationships?

Relationships in business or personal life have a strong payback.  The stronger the relationship the stronger the pay back.

In business, I appreciate when a customer approaches me candidly and asks for my help. That means the world to me and I respond in like kind by providing the best service possible. 

So often consumers approach with all sorts of questions to which I respond in hopes of building a relationship, but instead we pass each other without connecting. These approaches take the steam out of my enthusiasm as I dwindle and ignore them.

With that said, I bet both of us are suffering from the same ailment, lack of connection resulting in less caring.

The antidote is easy, but I'm not sure it will work unless we both take it!

I certainly can't expect consumers to "play the game my way" but I do know if they do they get more than they hope for!

My challenge is to overcome the fear of the nasty, high-pressure sales person who might just talk them into buying something they don't want. Ouch!  Anyone who knows me will say there's nothing further from the truth.  I don't do high pressure, in fact in 25 years I've never broken any one's arm!

I measure the ROI of my relationship by the referrals I receive from satisfied clients.  I have a family who calls me "their family Realtor."  Do you have any idea how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel?  I've sold more homes within this family over the course of time than I can count.  We buy, we sell, we find a home for aunts, cousins, children and soon (I hope) the grand kids.

ROI of Relationships works both ways.  I benefit beyond money, I'm compensated more so when someone says in a genuine voice a simple, "thank-you" and means it.

Don't be surprised when you look in my eyes and see tears of joy.

Joy = ROI