College students and parents are always pleased to learn Denver has a great public transportation system.  RTDRTD Light Rail - Littleton Colorado Light Rail has stations at the University of Denver, Arapahoe  Community College and the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver.

Typically universities and colleges whether they be live-in campuses or commuter have issues with parking.  Finding a space and getting to class on time can be an very big challenge.  Coupled with the fact just having a car on campus is yet another expense, it makes good sense to utilize the RTD Light Rail.

Students find they can easily commute to a station near their home, hop on the train and in a few minutes be at school.  The trip allows time to relax, listen to some tunes or catch up on studying.

Parents also appreciate the fact their children won't be trapped without transportation when they are living near campus without a car. Having the option to ride the light rail to travel to other locations is a convenience not offered in smaller cities.

Light Rail expands housing options

The Light Rail currently has three lines completed, the original line to LIttleton-Mineral Station runs down Santa Fe Drive, Southeast line that flanks I-25 ending in Lone Tree and the spur that follows 225 to the Nine Mile Station.    Student housing options are increased since they can use the rail line to live either in the city or the suburbs.

RTD offers a Bike-n-Ride program so students can combine their personal bike with a transit ride to shorten the commute.  Bikes are allowed on both Light Rail and buses.  Of course there is always the "space available"problem. If there is an event going on, there  might be a problem loading a bike onto an already full train.  Typically this is not an issue.

RTD park-n-rides also offer bike lockers for storage of the bike. The lockers are available on a first come, first-served basis.  One does need to rent a $20 RTD special padlock.  Designated leases are available.

Students with a college I.D. from participating colleges may purchase a College Pass to ride the RTD Light Rail.

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