Denver Real Estate News

Housing inventory is down, buyers of homes are having a hard time finding homes to look at, much less purchase.  This may be news to many, because it seems just a short while ago we couldn't see the end of distressed homes and other homes coming on the market.  Well those days are gone!

If you are a homeowner that became a landlord because there was no other choice, your time to sell may be here!  Values are increasing in Metro Denver.  If your mortgage was "upside-down" before, that has changed or is in the process of changing.

Don't wait!

The dynamics in the market could be short lived.  Currently we have extremely low interest rates with many buyers wishing to take advantage of them.  If the rates go up (an they will!) the purchasing power of buyers will go down.  This effects the sale amount buyers can afford, and ultimately it will effect the increasing values that we see now.  We don't know when interest rates will go up, but when they do the market will slow down.

Are you a reluctant Landlord?

If you have a rental home that you would like to sell, but it is leased, you can still sell your rental, lease and all to a buyer.  We have buyers ready and waiting!

If your tenant's lease is going to be up soon, we can work together with them to have a closing that compliments the end of their lease.

Scarcity & Demand = Good News for Sellers!

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to move up, downsize, short sell, reluctant landlord waiting for the right time, now is a good time to sell.  The lack of inventory in the market means buyers are competing, they come prepared to pay more than the next guy, they tend to not ask for the picky things to be fixed and they appreciate the opportunity to own a home.  A homeowner couldn't ask for a better situation to be in.

Just need to talk?

Having solid information before you make your decision is important.  I can help you.  Let's talk about your options, is it truly the time to sell? How much is your home worth in today's market?  How much will it cost to sell your rental home?  These questions can be answered, just call.  I welcome your call.

P.S. If you haven't seen your rental in a long time, perhaps you'd like a picture?  Call me.  I'll drive by and email you a photo of your rental.  It's nice to know all is well!