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Metro Denver Home Sellers

Have you heard that real estate slows down during the holidays, so there's no sense in listing until January?

If so, you've only heard part of the truth.

The number of showings does slow down, but the reasons for that are not reasons to wait. It may surprise you, but one reason is that there are fewer agents working. Some of them have bought into the idea that business is slow, so they're taking time off. They're not advertising their services or marketing their existing listings. Some aren't even returning their calls.

Another important reason is that the people who are in no hurry to buy are doing other things.  That means serious sellers aren't bothered by non-serious buyers.

Those who search for a home during the holidays are usually serious – they're looking because they need to buy. Perhaps there's a job transfer in the offing and they need to find a new home soon. Perhaps their children's school holiday is the only time they can come to town. Whatever the reason, they're taking time out from their own holiday celebrations to hunt for a home.

Wouldn't you like to have your home shown to that kind of buyers?

While it's true that I won't be available on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I'll be here working just like normal the rest of December. So if you're serious about selling, get in touch today.

Let's get your house on the market and ready for those serious buyers.