My last post caused a call from my skiing friends.  They wanted equal time demonstrating their talents on the slopes!

Well I'm an equal opportunity blogger, I love skiers just as much as snowboarders!  My two friends just made this great video.
Put these two together and WOW, we have the makings of a great video!

Take another mini vacation, vicariously compliments of Mark, Daniel and Wellcome Matt!

Daniel Webster Johnston is a Realtor in Breckenridge who lives, eats and loves the Breckenridge mountain style of living.  My other friend Mark Schow is known around these parts are the Obeo guy, he makes the best videos and real estate images for us in the Denver region.



In case you are wondering, Breckenridge is a comfortable drive from Metro Denver.  In fact there are two ways to get there, either via I-70 or from the south on 285.  Either way you go, you will be glad you did.  Breckenridge is a charming Victorian style town, with darling shops, wonderful restaurants and world-class skiing.

You don't need to know how to ski to enjoy this town.  The setting alone is enough of a draw.