Last week I became a Grandma (for the 2nd time).  My perfect little Grandson was born at the nearly new Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree.

The facility is absolutely wonderful, it's new, clean and everyone has such a nice attitude.  This hospital is nothing like the stark gray places where my children were born.

When my son called to tell me baby Noah had arrived it was 11:43 p.m.  I asked if we could come visit right away and to my amazement it was OK!  Due to the late hour, we had to enter through the ER, but this was not a problem. The on duty staff gave us a hardy "congratulations" and directed us on where to find the Labor and Delivery Rooms.  Yes, it was after midnight and the staff acted as though it was a mid-day normal visit.

Less than an hour after being born, I was snuggling my little sweetie.  This is the stuff sweet dreams are made of!

We didn't stay long, but on the way out counted at least 10 other newborns in the hospital.  It's a baby boom in Douglas County Colorado.  All those lucky little infants get to greet the world in a world class place...

Just wanted to say THANKS Sky Ridge Med Center...and brag (just a little) on my perfect little Grandson!  Yippee  another Colorado Native.... Welcome to the World!