This year's dividend from REI was burning a hole in my pocket.  Last weekend I purchased a pair of showshoes, my first ever.  We went looking for snow on Sunday, but didn't find any deep enough to bother with the snowshows, but today was a different story.

Vali (my daughter) and I drove up I-70 to Georgetown and up toward Guanella Pass.  The Pass is closed, so we drove to the end of the road, parked and donned the shiny new snowshoes.

Having them on my feet was an unusual feeling, my first instinct was to treat them like skis.  I wanted to traverse hills, but after a few minutes learned to just dig the claws into the hardpack snow and go straight up or down. 

The Silver Dollar Lake trailhead was mostly deep, hardpack snow, but the shoulders offered enough snow for us to carve first tracks.  It was both challenging and fun to experiment.

We had to hike up to the trail, which was harder than the trail itself.  The incline to me was not as Vali had described it "slightly sloping".  Geeze I told her if she ever describes a hill as moderate or hard, I'd better be ready to climb vertical rocks!  Of course she's 28 (and I'm not!).  Enough said.

Our hike up took us just below the timber line at the Lake.  The scenery was outstanding.  Our weather was a nice assortment of sun, snow and more sun.  The only time we got chilly was on top when we sat to snack at the picnic table by the cabin. 

The outing was a success, we both enjoyed being outdoors and doing something a little different than the normal grind.  I look forward to snowshoeing again, but it will have to be soon.  The snow is beginning to melt, we could actually hear the water traveling beneath us on the mountain.  We could always hear the water, never actually see it.

So what does showshoeing have to do with real estate and relocation to Denver?  This is just one of the many activities one can enjoy within a short drive from the city.  Today the temperature in Denver was in the 70's.  Some folks in town were golfing, we were out in search of snow.

Whatever sport you enjoy, most likely you can find it in Denver, Colorado!

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