St. Paul Mountain Range Unveiled

St. Paul, MN.

Spring in St. Paul will be very welcome this year as the City prepares to show off their newly constructed mountain range.

In an effort to increase tourism, St. Paul, MN has rewritten the geology books for the Mississippi River. A foreward-thinking City Council with strong encouragement from the Economic Council voted to enhance the City's skyline by having a mountain range developed.

After a short environmental study, it was determined St. Paul would benefit from winter tourism, extra snow capture from the expanded land mass and of course esthetic enhancement of having lovely snow capped mountains in the back drop.

The idea originated during the politcal conventions prior to the most recent elections. City Council marveled at how lovely the Democratic National Convention looked in Denver, where the Rocky Mountains enhance the City's skyline.

Impressed with hope and looking for change, St. Paul City Council raised parking fines and taxed vacant houses to appropriate the funds for the St. Paul Mountain Range project.

The project was sponsored by Starbucks and John Deere, both companies were anxious to take on the project because of it's magnanimity.

World famous St. Paul photographer, TBoardman, was commissioned to take the first photos.

As the clouds lifted above St. Paul, T was uncharacteristically overwhelmed by the sight, she exclaimed, "It's amazing what a few John Deeres and unlimited Venti Double Shot Mocha Expressos can do!"

Congratulations St. Paul, you rock!