Many people remember Stapleton as the site of Denver's airport. Today the area has been transformed into a vibrant community of a diverse selection of homes. Built as a "green" community, Stapleton has homes in most every price range.

The area was carefully planned with parks, a town center, brand new award winning schools and all the conveniences homeowners have grown to expect in a classy neighborhood.

Lately I've been showing homes to a nice family who are staying with relatives who live in Stapleton. I didn't have to "sell" them on the neighborhood, they came to me and asked specifically to see homes "only in Stapleton!"

Having specific boundaries makes my job much easier!

I'm enjoying viewing the different styles of homes. Today we saw two homes with a third story, normally what one would think of as an attic. We don't do many attics in Colorado, so seeing these homes was interesting even for me, who sees homes of all kinds all the time.

We decided the attic area was a very wise use of the space. It made for a large and private room, a great place for the teenager who craves both privacy and space! I could also see a great home office location up there, far enough away from the temptation of the refrigerator yet close enough for the pajama executive.

Discovering "old" designs, made new is not unusual in Stapleton. We are finding the homes have had a great deal of thoughtful design built into them. For instance alley entrances to the garage instead of ugly garage doors facing the streets.

There was a sign in a yard promoting Denver's water conservation campaign, "Use only what you need." This could also apply to Stapleton homes. They are big, but only big enough for what a homeowner needs.

And that, is a good thing.

Snow sledding at Central Park in Stapleton

I've been warming up to Stapleton more lately as I've seen it grow into a unique community. I must say what really cinched the appeal was watching how the residents embraced the recent snow.

As we toured the homes for sale in Stapleton, I noticed kids and parents with sleds in tow heading for the nearby hill. Central Park has a couple of slopes, perfect for an afternoon of fun.

It reminded me of my old hometown. A sweet ping at the heart string and a memory from long ago, crystallized the reality for me. Set aside all the builder/developer marketing hype, Stapleton is a real neighborhood.