Inside the D & F clock Tower, Downtown DenverTax Rebate Ends in April!

First Time Home Buyers and others who qualify for the Tax Rebate must act now.  The deadline to be under-contract for a specific home is April 30, 2010.

In order to qualify for the Tax Rebate you must CLOSE on the home prior to June 30, 2010.

You have less than 30 days to find a home!

If you haven't begun to look, now is the time to start.  The market will be busy this month with people who have been sitting on the fence waiting for yet another extension to the tax rebate.

It doesn't appear likely, as this last "stimulus" wasn't as stimulating as everyone hoped.  Tax Rebate extensions are not in our future, so, now is the time to get in gear!

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If  you would like to discuss your options feel free to call.  I'm happy to help you understand what the rules are and if you might be eligible to receive this $8000 or $6500 Tax Rebate.

The clock is ticking, call now!