Moving to Greater Denver area may not hold so much mystery as it once did.  From the comfort of our easy chair we can surf the 'net viewing homes inside and out.  Property searches yield so much information with just a click of the mouse; school accountability scores, neighborhood demographics, crime statistics, taxes, etc.

Google Street View is Great for Denver Relocation!

Now Google has taken the information explosion even further with Google Street View.  If you want to get the "feel" of driving down the street in an address and click.  If you have used an address located in the Greater Denver area, you will find most of the streets have a visual, just like driving down the street!

Neighborhood Photos Help When Moving to Denver!

Note the little "yellow" pegman situated on the in the upper left corner.  Dragging him onto the map will turn the streets blue, indicating there are user generated photos of the area.  Amazing as it sounds, many photographers (just regular folks like you and me)  are now publicly sharing their photos with geo tags sending info to Google for viewing on these maps.  The photos are garnered from photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picassa.

I love the interactivity that enables us to quickly determine if a neighborhood might work.  Of course the Street View photography results are sometimes less than wonderful.  I looked up my own house only to be disappointed that the Google guys drove by on trash day!  Now my house will forever be adorned with the lovely green mini-dumpster I so love looking at!