Fisherman have the reputation for telling stories about "the one that got away."  It's always the biggest, strongest, oldest most difficult fish in the water. But alas it got away.

Well photographers have the same bragging rights.  Sometimes, like me we even can provide proof, sort of.

This is my fisherman-like tale.

After many days of boring, flat, cold dead winter light I was anxious to find something worthy of shooting.  One morning I rose before dawn, dressed and headed out in hopes of catching the sunrise.

I'd checked the time table and new what time the sun would come up, but I was late. The sun really lights the land long before it rises above the horizon.  I figured that out on my way to the planned destination.  There wouldn't be enough time to reach it, so I went to plan B.

The sunrise itself is a worthy vision, but it becomes so much more interesting when there's life included. This morning I almost had that wonderful silhouette of a horse, except the horse didn't cooperate.

By the time I got set up he was  on his merry way to the other side of the hill where the grass was obviously greener!

He got away.