Paint is a wonderful invention.  It covers many sins, it brightens and lightens dark  rooms while enhancing our mood. Colorful paint puts finishing touches on a great decor like icing on a cake.

That is at least until the humans move out.Badpaint-1

Then that wonderful paint stays behind lonely and disjointed. What once was delightful is now dreadful!  Never mind if the walls could talk, if they could only hear.Badpaint-2

The house hunters exclaim as they look at the horror, "What were they thinking?"  "Oh My! Oh My! How many gallons is it going to take to cover this atrocity?"  "Yuck!"Badpaint-4

I've always said there should be more regulation levied upon the paint buyers of the world.  A license in good taste should be required and presented when a paint purchase is allowed.

OK, so maybe that is just too much over the top.  We all know legislating common sense isn't going to work.

People need to express themselves, paint certainly is a form of expression, trouble is, few if any people appreciate this form of expression when it's found in an empty house.

These photos were taken in a "short sale."  Aside from the paint the house actually had a very nice floor-plan, good square footage and was located on a cul de sac. Overall it had most of the characteristics home buyers find very appealing.

Of course the big turnoff was the decorating.  If the homeowner simply took some time to "de-personalize" this "strong" decorating, chances are the short sale path could have been avoided.

Yes, common sense works in all areas of our life.  Painting is no exception.  Yes, you can enjoy your wild and wacky paint, just remember (read plug into budget) you will need to repaint to sell.

There's a price for expressing one's self.  Are you prepared to pay?Badpaint-3

What about wallpaper?  Oh don't get me started...wallpaper rules are pretty much the same as the paint rules.  It's hard to believe, but not everyone is a Broncos fan!