Last night Larry announced he was going up to the top of the ridge because there was a tornado watch in Douglas County. Of course I wasn't going to let him have all that fun alone, so I grabbed the camera bag and joined him.

On the way to I-25 he decided it would be a good idea to fill up the gas tank, since it was registering empty. As much as I hated to waste time, we stopped for fuel. Running out of gas while storm chasing or worse being chased by a storm would be a real bummer!

As we pulled into the Conoco in Lone Tree, we saw it.

A long tall skinny funnel cloud was touching the ground just to the SE of us. It was huge. Yes, it was a real tornado!

I fumbled around grasping for my Canon while watching in awe and surprise.

Last time I saw a tornado in Douglas County, I didn't even know I was watching one. It was a big, black nasty square cloud, not a neat, trim funnel. Today's tornado was a classic. There was no wondering what it was.

Luckily but at the same time disappointing, the funnel dissipated into thin air. Gone.

I never got time to snap a shot. Darn!

When the gas tank filled up, we took of to Surrey Ridge to hang out and see if we could spot another one. The clouds were swirling and churning, but the real show was over. The temperature had dropped 30 degrees and the elements that create a tornado were gone.

We weren't the only storm chasers on the road. There were many others out taking in the views. The most interesting and scary were the news helicopters in the air. I would love to have a seat in one of them...what a bird's eye view.

Maybe in my next life...

Enjoy the storm chaser photos, but keep in mind this really isn't "normal" for Colorado. We aren't known as tornado alley!

Visit this link to learn more about Tornado Safety.


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