Denver Real Estate Update:

When it comes to protecting property values REALTORS® sound the warning drum and get active.  Nothing is more important for our local economy than to have an attractive community with a working infrastructure that is appealing to all who live there.  In Colorado we have natural beauty that acts as a magnet to pull visitors from all over the world.  Many opt to pull up their homestakes and leave to join us here.

It's really nice to know we live in a place where people WANT TO live!  Colorado is a destination state.  This is a good thing.  We really need to keep it that way.

Of course we all have to be vigilant to protect and improve what we have.  If not we could lose it.

What comes to mind here are examples of states where the population aged or attracted retired folks who continued to vote down taxes that supported the schools.  Over time the budget for education became so sparse there was no way the schools could compete for good teachers, therefore the school ratings went down, soon followed by property values.

Great Schools Make Great Neighborhoods!

Savvy homeowners all over the country know the best place to buy a home is in a good school district. It doesn't matter if they have children in school or not, the home will continue to hold or increase in value.

By keeping our schools funded, we can not only provide our children with a top notch public education, but we will keep our economy going, because people will continue to live here, more here and make Colorado their home.

As election time approaches, many voters are educating themselves on the ballot issues.  In doing so I urge you to take a few moments to visit to learn about the ramifications of Amendment 60, 61 and Proposition 101.

The lure of low property taxes may be attractive, but the reality is, we need to support our state in order to continue the course for sustainable economic growth for schools, roads and a nice place to live.

We can't all ride in the cart, someone has to pull it.  So instead of everyone riding, let's all pull it together and the load won't be nearly as heavy!

NOTE: This will be my one and only political message.  It's important and needs to be understood.  Thanks for reading!