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Over heard recently from an elderly couple selling their home. The Mr. just turned 81 and his bride was a young 74. After many years of searching for the "last home" they finally found the perfect one for them. Or at least settled for the closest thing to perfection. But not without some regrets.

The Mrs. told me they waited way too long. In her opinion by the time one is 65 years old, they should be in their "last home." Waiting too many years beyond that is just too difficult.

Home prices surged beyond their ability to purchase nearby their children. The shear relocation pieces in themselves brought on unnecessary stress and at times panic. The physical move even though it was orchestrated by family with the help of professional movers was difficult.

Downsizing from a huge home into a more manageable one takes time, patience and a strategy. Waiting until one HAS to move is a serious mistake.

Planning ahead wins out, once again.