kitchen-picture-2009I heard the complaint again today. It's not the first time Ive heard it.  In fact I've recently been uttering the very same words myself.

Realtors take LOUSY pictures.

Well just say for the most part this statement is true.

Today's complaint came from someone I just meet on a listing appointment. This very nice couple is looking at retirement homes.  They are searching long distant, using the Internet of course.

They are both annoyed and amazed at the lack of care and concern placed on photos of homes.

No kidding.  I find myself very much annoyed when I am scouting out homes for my customers.  It's really difficult to know if one will like a house if the only picture you see is from the street.

How is one to judge?  True a certain amount of curb appeal can be a plus, but since I flunked mind reading how am I do know if the interior is well kept from my vicarious perch on the curb?

What even drives me more crazy (if that is actually possible) is when someone emails me asking for more photos of a home that is not my listing.  Now don't get me wrong, if I have a relationship with that person, I'm more than happy to oblige them by snapping the shots myself. But more than likely I've never heard from these folks since they are using my MLS-IDX search, they are just frustrated for the lack of photos, and somehow hold me responsible.

Sorry folks, that ain't me.  No, no, no, I will NEVER ever not put photos on my listings in the MLS.  It just won't happen.

My listing photos get slaved over.

They are as close to a work of art as possible.  It doesn't matter if I have to return to the home for several days in a row at a different time of day to capture it in the most suitable light, that's what I do.

I figure I owe it to the owners that hired me, to do it. And do it right.

Is this above and beyond the call of duty?  Absolutely not.

87% of the buyers begin their home search online.

87% is almost, well like everybody!  Why not focus on what they are looking for and give the consumer what they want?