To those dreaming of making a lifestyle change that includes a new hometown, the initial endeavor can be overwhelming.  If moving has never been a part of your life, or at least not in awhile, deciding which decision to make first is confusing.

There isn't a day that goes by where my phone doesn't ring with some sort of slightly confused person wants me to help them.  Sometimes the questions are inquiring of neighborhoods with good schools, shopping, acreage or you name it.

More often than not the caller is getting ahead of themselves.  How so? Well buying a home usually for most requires a loan.  A loan requires a source of income.  To most American home buyers, a source of income means a JOB.

JOBs are good things.  They come with a paycheck attached.  The paycheck enables the acquisition of many fine things, food, clothing and shelter!

The shelter part is where I can help, well that is if you plan to purchase a shelter.  Most people like to purchase a shelter conveniently located to the JOB.  Do you see a natural pattern here?

The Denver metro area is not as large as many cities in the U.S. It is large enough that if you value your time, you will need to consider your commute.

Working in Golden and living in Castle Rock, could easily be a 50-75 minute drive, multiple that times 2 and you have lost 100-150 minutes out of your day.  (times 5 days a week times 52 weeks a year times how long you plan to keep doing this insane thing!)

Now if you have to commute to a variety of places where you live won't matter so much.  Or better yet you are one of Denver's many telecommuting non-commuter's your address will be where ever you wish.  Commuting from the bedroom to the den is never long, unless you buy a mansion.

Enough said as the point was more than illustrated...

Moving to the Denver metro area is an exciting proposition.  When you start to formulate the plan, or when you want to test out if it would work or not or if you are coming and you know you are coming, call me.  Let's talk.

I can help you iron out a strategy. Denver is a big place, but you could also live in Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Castle RockParker, Broomfield or any number of the very fine communities that comprise the Denver metro market.  We can talk about your lifestyle and the variety of housing options there are available.

So think job first, house next.  Call me first last or in between.