Where in the World is Denver?
100 Real Estate Tips in 100 Days (Day 34)

Denver is actually pretty easy to find, and is blessed geographically. Denver is less than 6000 miles from Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, 5005 miles from London, Berlin, or Paris, and only 6300 miles from Beijing. That makes Denver a non-stop 747 or A380 flight from most of the world's money and power centers. Denver is equidistant from Tokyo and Rio, and is just a 10 hour flight to London. The reason Denver built the enormous 6 runway airport out in the plains northwest of the city is the flights distances from those major world capitals. The new international runway at Denver International Airport (DIA) is 16,000 feet long, and is capable of servicing any aircraft now flying or contemplated in the reasonable future. Denver is 2 hours drive time from Vail or Cheyenne, and just 6 hours down I-25 one can discover the peace and tranquility that is Santa Fe.

Denver's location in relationship to The Rocky Mountains is very important. From the very beginning's of the city, the looming Rockies to the west have been omnipresent in Denver's very reason for being. Denver became the ideal outfitting location for the mining of gold, silver, molybdenum, and a host of precious metals. Later, the growth of Denver was fueled by the proximity of mountain snow melt, providing plenty of water to support a thirsty city. Since WWII, the tourist industry has used Denver as a base to move millions of mountain-hungry visitors to the spectacular mountains rising over Denver. Skiing in the winter, and just about any type of outdoor activity you can think of in the summer are all just a few short hours from Denver.

Denver is also fortunate in having 300 days of sunshine each year, so solar energy research and manufacturing is big in Denver, as is the manufacturing g of wind energy equipment. It seems Denver sits at the edge of some of the best wind producing geography on the planet.

Although Denver is dry, the area enjoys all 4 seasons, is free of hurricanes and earthquakes, and is generally a very pleasant place to enjoy a day. But, if you have to work, you should know that Denver is located so that you can begin a work day speaking to your branch in London, and finish your day chatting with you offices in Hawaii.

2 hours from L.A., 2 hours from Chicago, 3 hours from New York, Denver is right in the middle of pretty much all of the goings on in America. Denver is really a very good place to be.

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